Your Inner Journey – The arrival of summer is synonymous with vacation, but not for everyone

Last winter, I traveled to Australia for my work and as soon as it was the weather at the end of the day, I went as early as possible to the beach to simply walk there in the sand and to collect the energy ocean infinity. I felt the need for it when I was on the opposite side of the Earth in diametrically different climatic conditions from the storms and cold that were raging at the same time in Quebec at this time of year.

We can't all afford an extraordinary vacation, but nevertheless it is possible to approach it by imagining being there for the time of a massage. Ask your therapist to play music with the mood of the ocean or the one that comes closest to the desired mood. For example, keep your concentration on the rhythm of the waves without worrying about the massage in progress. Treat yourself to your own inner vacation. For the luckiest of you, there are already vacation plans in the air. But a vacation can be lived three times. In anticipation during its preparation, at the very moment of living them, but also in our deepest memories.

During your next relaxation massage session, give yourself this feedback on those good times that soothed you and made you feel good, then share them in your mind with the massage that is in progress and makes you feel good. equally. This is another great way to empty your mind to better relax and relive those sweet vacation memories during your next appointments!

Sylvain Perron; massage therapist