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The South Shore Kinesis Center

In 2001, Yanic Szöghy and Alex Lewis founded the Kinesis Center with the aim of bringing together several types of therapies in one place. Even if both were professors of massage therapy at the Kiné-Concept Institute, physiotherapists and colleagues at the “Myo massage” clinic, their intervention differed from one another. Alex treated with a more holistic approach doing fasciatherapy and cranial therapy, while Yanic specialized in treating acute pain with more biomechanical techniques. Despite the fact that they were working with completely different techniques, the two therapists still understood that they complemented each other very well. It is with this philosophy of teamwork that Alex and Yanic decided to open the Kinesis Center

Since 2001, the number of therapies offered has increased.

Today, the Kinesis Center offers more than 12 massage therapy techniques and also several alternative therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy and energy treatments.