An alternative is not always the best option


When we talk about an alternative approach, we tend to immediately classify drugs as being a very bad thing. I often hear “I'm not really for drugs” or “the less drugs I take, the better”. In a way it's quite fair since if you don't need medication it's a very good indicator of good health but you shouldn't be afraid of it. This text is a short guide to help you form an informed opinion on the subject.



First, the only professionals you should let advise you on this are doctors and pharmacists. Even if it is only for drugs that are found over the counter. Over-the-counter is not synonymous with "safe", the possibility of drug interactions is present even if it seems insignificant.


"If you have a question related to medication, the pharmacist or your doctor are your reliable sources."


Second, natural products are not a risk-free alternative. Again, "it's made from natural products" is not synonymous with "safe". Always keep in mind that a drug is prescribed for the effects generated by the molecules that constitute it and that a natural product also has the ability to induce certain effects on the body via the same molecule. So why the loathing for medicine and the praise for a green plant? Personally, I prefer to trust my doctor and my pharmacist, who have access to my medical history and have the necessary knowledge to determine the appropriate doses and check for possible interactions.


"The use of natural products is not without risk."


Third, taking medication is not completely at odds with manual therapy. In osteopathy, reference is often made to the body's ability to self-regulate. According to the principle of homeostasis, the body has the resources necessary to return to normal. This concept is of great importance and is true in many situations, but not all. Indeed, we have toy soldiers ready to fight during an infection, but sometimes they are insufficient and need the help of antibiotics. When an injury occurs, the inflammation can be so severe that medication is the first step to take.


“Your body is not infallible and in certain conditions it needs a little help through medication. »


Finally, osteopathy is an approach that can be complementary to taking medication. To claim the opposite would, in my opinion, be a great lack of humility. Osteopathy is not magic. As an osteopath, we raise mechanical restrictions in the body to improve its ability to adapt when it applies. Otherwise, a medical visit with coverage is always welcome.



Jean-Philippe Longval