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An impressive benevolence emerges from these warm hands. A health professional who is a rare pearl. Thank you Pascale Alexander.

Eric G.Pascale 

Thank you Pascale, we saw each other Monday at 3 for my intense shoulder pain and it is 80% better thank you

Martin A | Pascale


I received an excellent massage yesterday at Kinesis for back pain… two days before New Year's Day! Pascale made room in her schedule at the last minute, then I was able to benefit from her talents via different combined massage techniques. I feel so good! Many thanks !

Isabelle L. | Pascale


A member of the Canadian senior diving team for over 10 years, but a diver for 20 years, I had the chance to be treated by several therapists from different corners of the planet. On top of all the sprains, tears and pulled muscles I had while playing the sport, I had to have three surgeries. Fortunately for me, Yanic's treatments greatly facilitated my rehabilitation following all these injuries. His different techniques and his extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body allow him to adapt to any case of injury that may present itself to him. These qualities ensure that he is able to detect and treat the source of the injury to help the athlete regain his full potential. Yanic is a therapist who listens to his clients and cares deeply about their well-being, which means that each of his treatments is specific to the client's needs. As a full-time athlete, Yanic is someone I trust completely when it comes to my physical health. It is for this reason that I intend to come and be treated by him for several more years.

Melanie Rinaldi | Sport: Diving


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