The morning routine of Stephane, Masso-physiotherapist!

After more than 2 years, my daily morning routine is still there!


She's not perfect,

It is not complete and,

It's not full of other things.


It suits me,

She does me good and,

It is integrated into my daily life!

Small, lasting actions are more beneficial than large, momentary actions (which we stop after 1 week). Before aiming for 30 minutes of daily yoga, start by…

You adapt to your reality, start with smaller realistic goals (eg 3 minutes in the morning). Consider the limiting factors in your daily life: children, your other obligations, etc.).

Integrate the routine, create the habit. Your accomplishments and results will be more lasting. There is no magic recipe!

Take the time to appreciate the effects of your actions. Become aware, you will find greater benefit.

And celebrating your small wins doesn't stop you from aiming higher. But at least appreciate the path you've taken, it's important!

Morning yours!