No, it is not necessary to consult your doctor before receiving treatment at the Center. Therapists listen and are trained to recognize signs that could become complications or medical emergencies. If in doubt, they will not hesitate to refer you to your doctor for further investigation.

If you have test results (ultrasound, x-ray, MRI, scan or others), it is appropriate to bring a copy of the results to better guide your treatment.

It is important to know that certain insurance companies (especially for massage therapy receipts) sometimes require a medical prescription in order to be reimbursed. Better to check your contract beforehand.

Each of our therapists is a member of a professional association and issues receipts in at least one discipline. The therapist will be happy to sign a receipt for you according to the rules of his association.

For example, some massage therapists may offer receipts for massage therapy, massage physiotherapy or orthotherapy. If your insurance company doesn't combine these services in the same category, count yourself lucky because you will be able to get more sessions!

However, please inquire about the type of receipts issued by your therapist before the session since it will be impossible to change it afterwards.

Legally, only the person who receives the treatment and pays for their session has the right to obtain a receipt. It is illegal for the therapist to change the client's name, rates and dates on the receipt. Likewise, if you receive a gift certificate, it is not possible to offer a receipt.

At the Kinesis Center, each therapist is self-employed so they are free to charge the price according to their experience.

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