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Swedish Massage

home-1This is the most classic and popular technique in the West. Swedish massage is a sequence of applied maneuvers


Acupuncture at the Kinesis CenterOne of the 5 branches of Chinese medicine. It is the result of 2000 years of observation, experience and practice.



Physiotherapy is therapy through massage and movement. Swedish massage is the basis of this body approach. By its effects on the different

Structural Faciatherapy / Myofacial Release

Myofascial release

Fasciatherapy is an approach that addresses the relaxation of fascia.
Fascia is made up of fibrous connective tissue.

Sports Massage


This type of massage can effectively treat and prevent injuries, muscle tension and chronic pain.


osteopathyOsteopathy is a generally gentle therapeutic manual approach that aims to restore mobility to restricted structures




                       Management of the following problems: Overall pain, tendinitis (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee), adhesive capsulitis, neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, muscle injuries, postural problems, osteoarthritis/arthritis, concussion symptoms, headaches, pain associated with sports practices , optimization of sports performance, global deconditioning, falls, post-surgery.


The kinesiologist specializing in musculoskeletal training has an approach aimed at reducing muscular tension with a treatment based on the principle of rebalancing the muscle chains. The goal is to improve the patient's quality of functional movement, body posture, as well as help relieve joint stiffness and muscle pain.


Yanic Szöghy - Sports Kinesitherapist

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Yanic Szoghy

Pascale Alexandre - Massage therapist

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Patrick Georgevitch - Kinesitherapist

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Patrick Georgevich

Sylvie Lavigueur - Acupuncturist

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Sylvie Lavigueur

To make an appointment: 514-706-1110

Alexander Benjamin - Massage Therapist

Schedule: Saturday and SundayAlexander Benjamin

Marieta Tisheva - Sports Massage Therapist

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Sophie Laverdière - Acupuncturist

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday

Sophie Laverdiere

Sarah Turgeon - Osteopath

Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday

Sarah Turgeon

Geraldine Gallard - Kinesitherapist and Massage Therapist

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Geraldine Gallard

Salomee Trudel - Kinesitherapist

Schedule: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday

Salomee Trudel

Jean-Philippe Longval - Osteopath

Schedule: Sunday to Thursday

Mélissandre Wu - Massage therapist

Schedule: Monday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Melissandre Wu

Marie-Hèléne Turgeon - Physiotherapist

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday

Rachel Ferguson - Physiotherapist

Schedule: Monday and Thursday

Rébecca Beaudette: Kinesithrapist / Kinesiologist

Schedule: Monday to Thursday

Alex Lewis - Kinesitherapist

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Kinesiological “taping”

Kinesiological taping Have you ever watched a sporting event and noticed these pretty colored bands on a shoulder, a knee or even the back of an athlete? Indeed, the famous tapings are very…

The treasures of traditional Chinese medicine

PDF: Harmonize in Spring v2023 - with Compression

Acupuncture for runners

Have you considered acupuncture to relieve your calves and Achilles tendons? To relieve plantar fascia? Acupuncture is known to relieve pain, whether related to trauma,…


It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of my new YouTube channel, to serve you even better. The goal of this initiative is to demystify health, provide advice and answer your questions…

Tips for moving without hurting yourself

  Several reasons can lead to injuries: loads that are too heavy, use of bad techniques, improper use of equipment. To avoid injury, here are some tips to put into practice…

Sedentary lifestyle: tips and tricks to move more!

What is a sedentary lifestyle? You might think that sedentary behavior is spending your days sitting in front of the TV. This image we have of a sedentary lifestyle is partly true, but only partly. In the…

An alternative is not always the best option

  When we talk about an alternative approach, we tend to immediately classify drugs as being a very bad thing. I often hear "I'm not really for drugs" or "unless I...

In the heart of winter

January and February are the heart of winter. Going out is sometimes more difficult for us even if winter sports or good invigorating walks can bring us the greatest good. After this breath of fresh air, the comfort of…

Running in winter

Running is one of the rare sports that can be practiced outdoors all year round. Even if the cold season slows down many, it is advantageous to continue running. Benefits Good for morale! …Above all…

Because it’s health that counts!

According to TCM: Our digestive system is a key component of our energy health. It contributes to not drawing on our health capital on a daily basis. An imbalance in what is called the Spleen/Pancreas(*) system…

Stretching, splitting or tearing?

Throughout our lives, we can often find ourselves with painful muscle damage. I often hear my clients report a tear, other times a strain, and, for the most athletic and connoisseurs of…

Osteoarthritis or arthritis?

We often hear our friends, our neighbours, various therapists and even our doctors talking about “having arthritis” and “having osteoarthritis”. These two terms can be confusing. At the end of the line,…

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis among the hundred or so conditions grouped under the heading “arthritis”. Osteoarthritis is therefore defined as “the inability of the body to repair joint tissues…

Massage therapy for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time in life when the body changes and physical ailments and discomforts can occur. Massage therapy is a way to relax and relieve these ailments in order to live well during pregnancy. Se…

Because it’s health that counts!

A little lesson in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM... There is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine of "maintaining the Jing or the Essence" which consists in preserving our vital reserves, by "nourishing the Kidney...

Flush Massage for progressive fitness!

Flush Massage for progressive fitness! The sunny days are finally here! It's time to get back to your favorite sports activities! Despite the closing of the gyms, nothing prevents us from practicing outside! (in…

Life is not a calm river

Life is not a calm river I am venturing here for the first time with the humble intention of sharing my personal observations and experiences related to emotions, stress and muscle tension. From…

The benefits of therapeutic products in massage therapy

The benefits of therapeutic products in massage therapy What exactly are rubefacients and essential oils used for during sessions? Or have you ever heard of moxibustion and poultices of...

Acupuncture and the disorders treated

Acupuncture and the disorders treated What is acupuncture The exercise of acupuncture constitutes any act of stimulation, generally by means of needles, of certain determined sites of the skin, mucous membranes, etc.

February: the month of the heart

February: Heart Month: Our hearts open when basic needs for human connection and personal growth are met. You are invited to join the next events with…

And you… are you moving during a pandemic?

And you… are you moving during a pandemic? We are in February 2021 and the restrictions related to COVID-19 are very present and in some cases prevent us from practicing our favorite physical activity. …

Epicondylitis: When the elbow hurts!

    ''I have pain at the office as long as I have to work on the mouse'', ''I can no longer garden, cook or even wash my plate'', ''It wakes me up...

How to shovel without getting hurt

Winter is here and so are the snowstorms, which means we're going to get out our shovels and get to work. What people don't realize is that shoveling is quite a strenuous activity and it's not…

Noise in the head?

Noise in the head? ''A truck in the head'', ''It buzzes in my skull'', ''It whistles like hell every time I get behind the wheel''…, and quite a few other complaints reported by…

Seasonal changes and acupuncture

Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective practice for alleviating several pathological conditions. What I would like to share with you today is the use of treatments…

Acupuncture to relieve back pain

New guidelines were issued by the American College of Physicians (ACP), in 2017, regarding the treatment of non-radicular lower back pain. They encourage clinicians to recommend approaches to their patients…

What is a cupping massage?

First of all, what is a suction cup? A suction cup is a small bell used to create a vacuum, which can be made of different materials (glass, silicone, plastic, animal horn). A cupping massage session makes…

What to expect during a treatment?

I am often asked: “How many sessions will it take to solve my problem”? Unfortunately, there is no miracle number. Every situation is different and should be treated differently. In my humble opinion, it is...

My Plans 'A', 'B' & 'C'

Sometimes to survive ordeals you have to have a plan A, a plan B and even a plan C. By Sylvain Perron massage therapist We all experience various situations where we feel caught in the whirlwind...

Stress and acupuncture

For many of us, stress is part of everyday life. Fortunately, acupuncture treatments can help us regain our composure. When we are exposed to a stressful or dangerous situation, our body…


Throughout my professional career I have seen many cases of people in psychological distress caused by personal overwork and their professional activities. At first we do not understand why we have come to this...

Allergies and acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments can help treat and even prevent symptoms associated with allergies. You who are reading this article probably know the typical symptoms of allergy: congestion…

Scientific Studies: Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual approach that relies on abnormalities in the tissues. This is a technique that has become popular in recent years and with good reason; osteopathy can be useful for a…

Prevention is better than cure!

 The human body is an incredible machine that will never cease to amaze us. It works tirelessly to maintain homeostasis, the balance of all body systems. In addition, it has a function…

Your Inner Journey – The arrival of summer is synonymous with vacation, but not for everyone

Last winter, I traveled to Australia for my work and as soon as it was the weather at the end of the day, I went as early as possible to the beach to simply walk there in the sand and to collect the energy infinity…

Stretching: 5 Essential Tips

Whether it's biking, cross-country skiing, skating or running, stretching remains the most important and, unfortunately, the most overlooked factor. Stretching not only helps reduce muscle stiffness, but also...

Sports Psychology – Thoughts on Confidence, Motivation, Stress Management and Imagery

      Confidence, a feeling that is hard to achieve but so satisfying! Here is one of the concepts that hooked me the most: Concentration → Constancy → Confidence In my opinion, this is the cycle that…

The strengths of Taiji (Tai Chi) Qigong Shibashi

Free information session by Pascale Alexandre On September 10, 2017 at 11 a.m. Center Kinesis, 655-1 ave. Victoria, Saint-Lambert Taiji Qigong Shibashi was created by Lin Housheng in 1979, after 40 years of experimentation and…

Cardio, Fitness and Spring!

We are at the gates of spring! Make way for the fitness trend after winter slack! Diet, renewal of access to the gym, registration for various fitness classes… all strategies are good…

TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS Lili-Anne Beaulac Naturotherapist: Energy sessions, therapeutic sounds, herbalism

Energetic Protection and Purification Therapeutic Sounds Forgiveness Fears and Desires Sound Meditation Energetic Protection and Purification Come and explore the 12 families of protection and purification…

Preparation for shoveling

Winter is here and so are the snowstorms, which means we're going to get out our shovels and get to work. What people don't realize is that shoveling is quite a strenuous activity and it's not…

5 vitality tips for winter

According to traditional Chinese medicine, human beings should live in harmony with the natural cycles of the seasons. The cold and darkness of winter lead us to slow down the pace and encourage internalization and…

Ayurvedic tips to prepare your body for winter

Darkness, cold, wind… this is the normal cycle of nature in autumn and winter. Autumn and the first part of winter is the Vata dosha season. Vata (air and space) is light, mobile, harsh,…

Sandra Power back in January

Sandra Power returns in January After almost two years away, Sandra is happy to be welcoming clients once again at Center Kinesis. With a background in holistic nutrition, Mind Detox and meditation, Sandra's approach is gentle and effective,…

When back to school rhymes with stress and anxiety...

  Finding the rhythm, the dynamics and the organization is not easy in this back-to-school period. Whether we experience it personally, professionally or with family, it causes enough stress and sometimes even anxiety!…

The 6 tastes and their benefits

By Jessica Charron Naturopath & Yoga Teacher Did you know that different tastes have an effect on your body and mind? Did you know that the 5 tastes are necessary for the proper functioning of your tissues,…

Qigong for our health

Some of you have heard of it before, but aren't quite sure what it is. I will attempt to briefly demystify the subject for you. Qigong is an exercise originating from China, composed of slow and fluid movements…

Treating Olympic medalists' sore muscles

Yanic Szöghy couldn't have hoped for a better party gift. A few days after his 50th birthday, the Julievillois flew to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as a massage therapist for the Canadian team…

The season of fire: 5 tips for getting through the season without creating an imbalance

Ayurveda, a thousand-year-old science that has its sources in India, uses the logic of the elements of nature to treat the imbalances causing discomfort and disease. Ayurveda aims first and foremost for a better...

It's Hamburger season, is your mouth ready?

You looking at your well-dressed hamburger. You who have to flatten this one since you have a limitation in the opening of the jaw. You who have pain in your mouth. You who hear mechanical noises while eating this tempting...

'Tennis Elbow' and physiotherapy

Essentially, Tennis Elbow or Tennis Elbow is a repetitive motion pathology (wrist rotational movement, extension and rotation, etc.). Although his name is important to tennis, this assignment does not occur…

Running: Three reasons to consult in acupuncture

Whether you are an amateur runner, marathon runner or triathlete, acupuncture can help you recover from injuries and increase your performance. Nearly 80% of runners get injured every year and as a result,…

Hypnosis and childbirth preparation

What is hypnosis for childbirth? It's simply telling your body that "IT IS READY" for D-Day and that on all levels; both physically and mentally! This preparation is a program in…


Osteopathy is a Natural Complementary Medicine based on in-depth knowledge of the anatomy, biomechanics and physiology of the human body. The osteopath aims to treat the causes of pain and disorders…

What is Ayurveda?

With the return of good weather, the Kinesis Center is happy to offer new Ayurvedic treatments! Ayurveda is a holistic health system that has been proven for over 5000 years and has its roots in India.…

Seasonal changes in acupuncture

A few more days and we will be able to observe gradual changes on the side of nature. Autumn will soon be upon us! In acupuncture, we regularly perform with our patients what is appropriate to call…

Why choose SHIATSU massage?

Carried away by the crazy pace of activities, work and obligations. Restrained by fears, worries and repressed emotions, the neglected body only reveals itself in pain, tension and fatigue. How far ? Swedish,…
Hanging Syndrome - Kinesis Center

The Entanglement Syndrome

Description of the pathology Mechanism of injury and body defense Traditional treatment Kinesis treatment Description of the pathology THE ATTACHMENT SYNDROME This syndrome has several synonyms such as: encroachment,…

Stress and shiatsu

Stress: What Saved Our Ancestors' Lives Could Kill Us Today? Stress serves to give us the energy necessary to overcome a danger. Nowadays, the dangers have changed a lot and it is, therefore, to…
Kinesis Center - Who to see when?

Who to see when?

Faced with the panoply of choices of therapies offered, it can be difficult to determine which type of treatment would suit us best. The first thing we need to realize is that there are as many therapies as there are…

Back pain prevention

To avoid chronic pain and recurrences of lumbar (lower back) injuries, it is important to have good tone in the deep abdominal muscles. This allows for good stabilization of the spine. Here is an example…

6 steps to really change!

The dynamic human being is constantly changing in order to improve his condition of life. Some are willing to change, some are forced to, some just don't want to change. Can…

Holistic nutrition and naturopathy

Holistic Nutrition Holistic nutrition unites body, mind and soul. It recognizes the important roles that everyone plays in overall health. In many ways, holistic nutrition asks us to go back into…

Kinesis at the Pierre Lavoie Challenge!

On the weekend of June 17 to 19, 2011, more than a thousand cyclists agreed to take up the Grand Défi Pierre-Lavoie. A bike route over a distance of more than 1000 km from Saguenay to Montreal with the aim of raising funds to fight…
holistic nutrition

Reduce inflammation and pain through diet

We can think of pain and inflammation as the body's natural responses to injury. When pain persists, we must ask ourselves what are the physical and emotional factors…

Understand the pain!

Much more than just an unpleasant sensation, pain upsets many people, but it is nevertheless a necessary evil. A real alarm system, it protects us by informing us of potential injuries or lesions.…

For your information!

Impingement syndrome


The impingement syndrome is defined by the supraspinatus tendon rubbing on the coracoacromial ligament, thus creating irritation at the level of the tendon.  Read more →

Ilio-tibial band syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is a common and often persistent injury that strikes mainment runners, but also cyclists and more rarely, hikers. Read more →

Epitrochleitis ('Tennis Elbow')

tennis elbow