Partnering with Spirit

Partnering with Spirit

The concept of partnering with Spirit is often an intention for one’s daily dedication to evolution of Self and of global human consciousness.

What if, however, the concept of Spirit raises the hairs on the back of your neck?  Or, perhaps a lukewarm nod of slight confusion? How am I to attune to Spirit in my growth if I am unsure how to orient to a relationship with a higher consciousness?

I too had this opportunity for healing in 2016 when I entered Interspiritual Seminary. Growing up Jewish and experiencing several years as a born-again Christian left me untethered and with mixed feelings about, yes, I will say the G word, God. 

Like many Westerners of Judeo-Christian-Islamic background, my relationship with God was one of Father-Child. This is often useful and significant.  At the same time, as in our human relationships, diversity is crucial to wake up the various parts of ourselves.  We have friends, siblings, lovers, & pets from whom we receive and give many different qualities of love. Perhaps we yearn to have this type of encounter with our Higher Power as well. 

Some folks have participated in an even wider scope of Spirit. This expansion sometimes comes about through sacred interaction with nature, entheogen use, practicing Eastern or mystic traditions, facing a serious illness, experiencing the death of a loved one or by the simple Grace of Life. In this dance with the sacred, there is a unmistakable and unshakable connection with an impersonal force moving through the Cosmos.  Concurrently, one may receive the download of Knowing that I Am; I am the embodiment of Divine Love. 

So it came to be that I was sitting in a brick-walled sanctuary in downtown Manhattan with other seekers, that I was read The Three Faces of God by Terry Patton.  My connection with Spirit moved beyond the boundaries previously in place from my religious understandings. I felt a visceral realignment with what I had forgotten.  The multi-faceted Heart of Spirit was explained to me in a deep meaningful fashion that has moved me deeply. 

Through a wide-open, poetic creation, Mr. Patton explains how to meet Spirit through 1st, 2nd & 3rd person relationship.  In his own words: 

“The first-person. There is “I” or “me” the first-person perspective; from this vantage-point I can explore the rich depths of interior experience, of what it’s like inside me, of my consciousness, my intuitions, my thoughts, my experiences, and my feelings. In language, the first-person is the one speaking. 

The second-person. When I am able to connect with someone, that one goes from being (for me) an “it” to becoming “you.” We connect. There is at least the most basic kind of communion. We are able to understand each other, reach mutual agreements, and a culture can arise. And in any kind of inter-subjective connection, a “we” arises. In language, the second-person is the one spoken to. 

The third-person. When I contemplate anything or anyone, or when I act upon anything or anyone in my world, whatever I contemplate or act upon is the object of my attention or action. I can see it, observe it, examine it, sense it, and affect it. This is the domain of objective information and experience. Herein lies all objective knowledge, including all our sciences. In language, the third-person is the one spoken about. “

In summary, we can meet Spirit within us, in relationship with us and surrounding us. 

Over the last several years, this work has been asking to express itself in groups of discovery and thus, The Longing: What you seek is seeking you, was born.  If you would like to begin, deepen, heal, explore or expand your relationship with Spirit, this may be for you.  

In The Longing workshop  we will contemplate the Three Faces of God, hear inspirational music and share our journey.  You will be gently offered an invitation to create through the written word, sound, movement or art.  Creativity allows us to drop from the rational, intellectual brain into that of the experiential, emotional & relationship-forming brains of the heart & belly. Space is held to quiet the ego-mind fixated on separation & to awaken the spirit within us who remembers our wholeness.

If this stirs something in you, come join us for the next workshop on Sunday, May 16, 9 am – 1pm EDT.  Visit my website for more information & registration. 

Together we will remember that what we were seeking has never, ever left us. 
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