Cranial therapy

Cranial therapy is particularly inspired by osteopathic techniques, the Indian massage and reflexology. It can relieve a multitude of physical and psychological ailments. It helps to self-regulate the body, to improve deep fascia movement and to restore cranial bone mobility. In addition to a feeling of deep relaxation, cranial therapy improves drainage along with nerve circulation, hormonal circulation and blood circulation.

Thus, cranial therapy is very effective in the case of these conditions: migraines and headaches

  •      jaw pain (muscle or joint)
  •      pain associated with dental surgery or braces
  •      sinusitis or seasonal allergies
  •      insomnia, stress and anxiety
  •      chronic fatigue and lack of energy
  •      mild depression and ‘burnouts’
  •      inflammation and pain (remote)
  •      symptoms following general anesthesia
  •      some digestive problems
  •      sensory problems (smell, eye fatigue)
  •      reduce the discomfort of pregnancy and postpartum
  •      concentration disorders
  •      some cases snoring

For babies and children, the results are even more spectacular:

  •      problems of regurgitation, projectile vomiting
  •      difficulty of sucking
  •      sleep problems (frequent waking, insomnia, sleep all day / awake at night)
  •      ear infections
  •      ETC

Cranial therapy is a gentle and holistic approach, with few contraindications and can not only relax but also to improve your vitality, your health and your life quality.

Farah Belalia
Alexander Benjamin
Jean-François Ladouceur
Liana Signore
Manon Lambert

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