Holistic nutrition and naturopathy

holistic nutrition

Holistic nutrition unites body, mind and soul. It recognizes the important roles that everyone plays in overall health. In many ways, holistic nutrition asks us to go back in time to our grandparents, that is, to eat whole, natural foods that are fresh, rich in flavor, and full of goodness.

Holistic nutrition also asks us to take the time to properly prepare our meals, to cook with fresh foods and to (re)discover the pleasure of eating. In fact, holistic nutrition is eating a variety of foods and following a balanced diet instead of analyzing each food to find out if our body is getting the right amount of a particular vitamin or mineral.

Holistic nutrition offers a detailed and comprehensive approach to your diet and lifestyle. It can really make a difference and even drastically improve your quality of life. The slogan "who wants to travel far save his mount" is true. My nutrition plans are therefore presented in stages; together we take the small steps necessary to get you to your main goal.

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La naturopathy is a complete and coherent medical system which focuses above all on the stimulation of the natural mechanisms ofhealing from the body. The naturopath's interventions aim, in the first place, to activate, nourish and strengthen these mechanisms rather than to eliminate the symptoms or directly attack the pathogens. These interventions are also intended to be gentle and non-invasive as possible.

Among the privileged tools of the naturopathy, we find, among others, the phytotherapy, nutrition,homeopathy,aromatherapy, physical manipulations, techniques for managing the stress, etc.

To better understand what is today the naturopathy, it may be helpful to remember its origins dating back 2 years and its more recent evolution over the past hundred years.

What are the differences between a holistic nutrition consultant and a nutritionist or dietitian?

In Quebec, the titles "nutritionist", "dietitian" and "dietitian" are reserved for members of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec. According to the Quebec Professional Code, only nutritionists, dietitians and dieticians can:

  • determine the nutritional treatment plan, including the appropriate feeding route, when an individual prescription indicates that nutrition is a determining factor in the treatment of the disease; And
  • monitoring the nutritional status of a person whose nutritional treatment plan has been determined.

Sandra Power, holistic nutrition consultant, graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutritionnot. She is a member of Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners and Order of Naturotherapists of Quebec.

Like naturopathy, holistic nutrition aims to stimulate the body's natural self-healing mechanisms. To create the body's healing environment, one must look not only at diet, but also at the person's lifestyle and emotional and spiritual well-being.

Sandra is not a doctor. She makes no diagnosis. It does not treat diseases or medical conditions – even those that have been diagnosed by your doctor. On the other hand, by looking at the symptoms you currently have, she can suggest changes to your diet and your lifestyle. These changes will aim to restore a balance between your body and your mind. Therefore, these changes can contribute to better overall health.

Sandra Power, NHN, NNCP