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Thank you Pascale , we saw each other Monday at 3:00 for my intense shoulder pain and it has healed at 80% Thank you
Martin A.  | Pascale


I received and excellent massage yesterday at Kinesis for a back pain… the day before New Years. Pascale made place in her schedule last minute, and then I benefited from her talents through different massage techniques combined. I feel so good! Many thanks!

Isabelle L.  | Pascale


Senior member of the Canadian diving team for over 10 years, but diver for 20 years, I had the chance to get treated by several therapists from different corners of the world. In addition to all sprains, tears and pulled muscle I had in this sport, I had to undergo three surgeries. Fortunately for me, Yanic’s treatments have greatly facilitated my rehabilitation after these injuries. His various techniques and deep knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the human body allows him to adapt to any case of injury that may occur to him. These qualities make him able to detect and treat the source of the injury, resulting in helping the athlete regain their full potential. Yanic is a therapist that listens to his clients and cares enormously about their well-being so that each of his treatment is specific to client needs. As a full time athlete, Yanic is a person whom I trust completely when it comes to my physical health. Which is why I plan to come see him for his treatments for several more years.

Mélanie Rinaldi | Sport: Diving | Yanic  

Thank you to Sandra. Thanks to her, I managed to control my seasonal allergies. Indeed, I was suffering from various digestive problems, fatigue and severe pollen allergies. After a month of detox cure, several benefits greatly surprised me, better digestion, regularity, almost complete disappearance of pollen allergies and skin radiance. The power of nutrition! She gave me lots of tips and advice that I still use a year later. » (Elaine)

I’ve been training for several years and have always thought it is important to eat well. This allows for great energy to perform well and recover well, but above all to be healthy. Despite my efforts to feed myself healthy, I felt that I was missing an ingredient to powerlifting – a discipline akin to weightlifting. I consulted Sandra and thanks to her in-depth analysis on my lifestyle, my workout plan and my physical symptoms, I found the missing ingredient. Following her nutritional advice, I changed the frequency of my meals and my food combinations. Sandra’s expertise have allowed me to increase my energy level and reduce the stress that I imposed on my nervous system. Meeting the nutritional advice of Sandra, I managed to burn excess fat, maintain muscle mass and improve muscle strength. Results from the Canadian Championships Powerlifting CPU (Canadian Powerlifting Union) (Charlottetown, PEI, March 30, 2011) speak for themselves: a gold medal in the class ‘Women masters II – 57 kg’ and not less than 6 new Canadian records! (Janet Warne, amateur powerlifter)

Sandra’s approach and her advice for a healthy diet really changed me and it’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. Before my assessment and my detoxification of Candida, I felt tired, slightly depressed, I was having mood swings and never felt satisfied of my general physical appearance. I’ve always been confident that the thorough evaluation of Sandra on my health was accurate. Throughout the process of dietary changes, she always explained the reasons behind nutritional choices of my new lifestyle. These explanations have allowed me to take my health into my own hands and stay motivated. In addition, I have enjoyed the wide availability of Sandra. She listens carefully and she always takes the time to answer my questions by email or by phone. Holistic nutrition taught me to eat healthier and to take better care of myself in general. I feel so much better about myself and really happier now; this is day and night! Vicki

Holistic Nutrition – Sandra Power

I’ve seen more results with 90 minutes of « Mind Detox » than I’ve seen with 30 years of traditional therapy! »

«Sandra put me at ease right away. I wanted to work on my insomnia I developed following a diagnostic received in 2006. During our meeting, Sandra helped me discover the main reason for my insomnia – which gave me a sense of inner peace instantaneously! I slept eight hours that night – it was a natural deep sleep. The experience was really positive. I never thought it would be possible in just 1 hour. Thank you Sandra! »

Thank you for our meeting yesterday. I am fascinated by the simplicity of the method. I meditated after talking with you and I continued to feel at peace. I am grateful for the experience and I highly recommend you to my friends and family.»

I was looking for a way to change my behavior that was completely unconscious and harmful to my relationships. The session with Sandra was quick, clear, concise and effective. It was a pleasure to work with her and I am grateful for the result I had.

Anonyme | « Mind Detox » Method – Sandra Power

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