The neuro-cutaneous technique (TNC) is a neuro-tissue osteopathic approach developed and taught by Stephane Delalande, osteopath, D.O. ©1126049. The goal of TNC is to relieve articular or muscular pain. To do this, it improves mobility and suppleness of tissues, blood circulation, nervous and energetic exchanges. TNC’s strength is its ability to liberate primary pressure points from osteo-muscular imbalances which are the source of the symptoms and tensions in the body. This technique is addressed from everybody from infants to elderly individuals because it’s a soft and respectful touch to the body and to the person, it is non-intrusive, there are no forced manipulations, no cracking nor instruments that are used. Each network of this treatment is unique and respects what the body needs in order to find balance. In fact, there is no pre-determined protocol since the therapist is guided by their analysis of the body’s tissues to choose the treatment. TNC is for all sorts of pains, chronic or acute like torticollis, neuralgia, sciatic nerve pain, lumbago, carpel tunnel pain, tendinitis… In most cases the relief can be immediate, but it is sometimes necessary to do up to three treatments (depending on the degree of inflammation).

Élodie Boulier