Sophie Laverdiere

Sophie Laverdiere


My interests focus on optimizing overall health, from its prevention to the treatment of its problems. Despite good lifestyle habits, we sometimes find ourselves with health concerns that need to be addressed. It can also be an accident that causes pain and loss of mobility. Regardless of your current state of health, whether you are a woman or a man, young or older, sporty or sedentary, one of the principles of acupuncture is to assist the body in its effort to restore its balance.

  • Techniques

    Laser acupuncture
    Sports acupuncture
    Aesthetic acupuncture 

  • Schedule

    Mardi 8h10 to 14h00

    Mercredi 15h00 to 20h00

    Jeudi 15h00 to 20h00

    Vendredi 8h10 to 14h00

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