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Reflexology has been around for many many years. This is a technique formerly practiced by the Egyptians, the Chinese and Japanese. Reflexology is a manual, and overall energy therapy that focuses on restoring body balance (homeostasis) and help it to heal itself. Depending on the problem, reflexology is mainly applied by pressure on areas related to the organs/body parts that we want to stimulate.

Besides being very nice to receive, it has several benefits:

  • Activates blood and lymphatic circulation (eg : indications : circulatory problems, recovery after surgery)
  • Helps eliminate toxins
  • Decreases stress considerably while energizing (eg : indications : stress/anxiety, depression, fatigue, nervous disorders, insomnia..)
  • Allows redistribution of energy in the body, organs and systems  (eg : indications : digestive problems, hormonal, nervous, etc.)
  • Is very analgesic therefore relieves various pains (eg. indications : arthritic pain, muscular, due to menstruation, etc.)
  • Helps strengthen the immune system (eg : indications : prevent or help combat an existing infection)

The human body, in its complexity and all its aspects, is genius! But that does not mean that it does not need a boost from time to time. The proper functioning of our body depends on the health of systems and cell component.

Reflexology can only improve our quality of life since it treats day to day common ailments.

Therapists practicing reflexology:

Pascale Alexandre
Alexander Benjamin
Andréanne Poulin 


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