Rachel Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson


I offer a non-traditional and diversified physiotherapy approach combining advanced manual therapy, individualized therapeutic exercises as well as advice that will allow you to find well-being on a daily basis. Having a great intellectual curiosity, I continue to take specialized training in order to offer the best treatment to my patients. I have completed training such as advanced orthopedic manual therapy (level 2), prevention of running injuries, management of shoulder problems (Jared Powell) and many others. I can offer treatments for both sports and family clients. Here are some examples of conditions I treat: Global pain, tendonitis (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee), adhesive capsulitis, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, muscle injuries, postural problems, osteoarthritis/arthritis, concussion symptoms, headaches, pain associated with sports practices, optimization of sports performance, global deconditioning, falls, post-surgery.

  • Techniques

    Advanced Orthopedic Manual Therapy

    Myofascial techniques, trigger point

    Mulligan technique (mobilizations with movement)

    McKenzie Technique

    Biomechanical analysis and correction

    Functional and performance exercises

    Sporty and proprioceptive tramp

    Running Assessment

    Desensitization techniques, mirror therapy


  • Schedule

    Monday 13 pm-19pm 

    Wednesday 14 am-19pm 

    Jeudi 8h00 to 14h00

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