What is a cupping massage?

First of all, what is a suction cup? A suction cup is a small bell used to create a vacuum, which can be made of different materials (glass, silicone, plastic, animal horn).

A cupping massage session is an integral part of a traditional massage. That is to say that the cupping massage complements another massage. Before being able to apply the cups the therapist must begin by gently massaging the area with oil in order to warm the tissues and see where the tensions are.

Personally, I use silicone suction cups, once the area is prepared I apply the suction cups. Starting with little pressure inside and gradually increasing according to the client's need and tolerance. I can either leave them in place or slowly glide them over the skin. By being lifted, the skin peels off and undoes the adhesions between it and the muscular envelope. The negative pressure draws fluids under adjacent itself which allows to better evacuate metabolic wastes and also the supply of new blood in the target areas which allows better recovery.

The goal of using cupping is to increase the circulation of fluids (lymphatic and blood) and to remove congestion and adhesions in the tissue in order to:


Decrease inflammation

Shorten recovery time

Increase flexibility of skin and muscles

Reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars

Reduces muscle tension

Conditions that Respond Well to Cupping Massage



Tendonitis, epicondylitis, bursitis

Bad circulation

Pre and post operative condition


buffalo hump

Scars and adhesion


Louis Raymond-Brisebois – Massage therapist