What is homeopathy?

According to the O.M.S., health is defined as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. This definition represents  the very objective of Marie-France, which is being able to help people feel good by facilitating their evolution towards a state of global well-being.

Having received previous training in the field of allopathy (B. Pharm, M. Sc), Marie-France subsequently pursued her studies in the holistic field at the MICH school (www.michmontreal.com). For her, a holistic practice means seeing the individual and their disease as a totality. Passionate about the human being in all these dimensions (physical, emotional, mental and dynamic), she is committed to respecting the holistic principles of MICH which are:

–          Each person must be addressed as a whole

–          Everyone must be considered as unique

–          The approach must be personalized

–          The very essence of each individual must be at the heart of it concerns

–          Evolution must be accepted as essential to life

–          The principles are transpersonal, transdisciplinary, transcultural and non-denominative

Marie-France uses homeopathy as a working tool and faithfully follows the directive of its founder Samuel Hahnemann to find and treat the ‘totality of symptoms’ in all cases, rather than prescribing on individual symptoms that do not have any correlation with one another. The objective for each case is being able to find the central nucleus connecting the whole of the symptoms in a complete whole and this, following the Fundamental Laws of Hahnemann, that is to say; ‘The Law of Similars, the minimal dose and the singularity of the remedy.

In order to correctly identify the central nucleus connecting the symptoms (physical, emotional, mental) into a complete whole, it usually requires 2 to 3 sessions. You can be reassured that Marie-France will give heart and soul during each of the consultations with you.

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