Qigong for our health

Some of you have heard of it before, but don't quite know what it is. I will try to briefly demystify the subject for you. Qigong is an exercise originating in China, consisting of slow and fluid movements that are synchronized with the breath. Its primary purpose is to circulate energy (Qi) throughout our body, using good posture, in order to promote optimal overall health. If you want to reduce your stress level, increase your vitality, strengthen your immune system, or simply help prevent health problems, Qigong is for you!

I am starting my second and final year of study at the National Institute of Chinese Medicine of Canada (INMC) to become a teacher of Taiji Qigong Shibashi. If all goes as planned, I will be ready to give classes for the fall of 2017. Those who are interested, send me an email at pascale@centrekinesis.com so that I can contact you when the time comes. .

It often happens that we have voids or stagnations of energy in our body, which leads to pain or health problems. In my training, I also learn therapeutic Qigong massage techniques that I incorporate into my massage therapy treatments when appropriate. In this technique, we use acupuncture points to direct the energy where it needs to go. I am even able to give you specific Qigong exercises to do to help you with our work.

We look forward to introducing you to this exciting world.

Pascale Alexandre, massage therapist