Why choose SHIATSU massage?

Carried away by the crazy rhythm of activities, work and obligations. Held back by fears, worries and repressed emotions, the neglected body only reveals itself in pain, tension, fatigue. How far ?

Swedish, Californian, Thai, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Ayurvedic, Acupressure, Tui Na, Trigger Point, and the list goes on: with all the different styles of massage, deciding which is best for you is a real headache. head, and the time it takes to choose will stress you out even more.


To save you hours of hesitation, here are some reasons that will make you choose shiatsu massage:


The magic of shiatsu resides in this ability to cure the ills of the body as well as those of the soul.

Many people come to be relieved of physical pain, and leave relieved of moral suffering.

By tackling the causes and not the symptoms, the beneficial effects can sometimes be delayed. It depends on each case. Sometimes we can have the same ailments, for two or three days, new inconveniences, like headaches or insomnia. No need to worry, this is a sign that the body is freeing itself.

An image to better understand:

The body is like a lake; when in-depth work is done there, it can make waves.

Inhale calm, accept personalized help to meet yourself and BE ZEN.


Shiatsu is not just a massage.

-          Shiatsu is a form of manual psychiatry.

-          Shiatsu makes you walk, find.

-          It allows a real inner opening.

-          It brings physical and mental relaxation, thus helping to improve well-being.

-          Shiatsu should make you reflect on your way of life – in order to help you remove the causes of your current ailments.


At the psychic level, shiatsu can:

-          Balance the energy system as a whole.

-          Calm anxiety and help alleviate depression. It's a real breath of fresh air for your mind when you're not feeling well.

-          Reduce states of stress and tension;

-          Help with insomnia.

-          Stimulate and strengthen the body's immune system;

On a physical level, shiatsu can:

-          Soothe muscle pain - back pain, cramps, sciatica, foot pain, headaches and many more ailments.

-          Help the digestive system.

-          Solve menstruation problems in women.

-          Without side effects, shiatsu also stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, of the nervous and hormonal system.

And even :

-          Shiatsu can really put you back on your feet: after a session, you will feel like you have never lost your shape.

-          This is ideal for people who are uncomfortable being touched by someone else: The recipient remains dressed in loose clothing.

-          It's a natural method – not using products. The pure touch, by exerting a slow and sustained pressure carried out with the weight of the body, more or less strong, with the thumbs and the fingers, but also with the palms, the elbows, the knees.

-          It is in no way painful, unlike some massages leaving the body even more sore than before the session. The pressures go to the limit of the body.

Shiatsu is above all a preventive manual technique.

However, shiatsu is not a miracle therapy. Chronic illnesses, depression or addiction problems cannot be cured in one session. Shiatsu can be of serious help or where shiatsu does not heal, can relieve and accompany the person.


What is there in the Shiatsu massage that is not appreciable? Its benefits are reason enough for you to give it a try!


In Japanese : " How are you ? "Said to himself" Genki from su ka? ", literally :

« Are you in tune with your original breath? »

After a few shiatsu sessions, maybe you can answer « Yes ».

Here are the therapists practicing shiatsu at Center Kinesis ltée.
Violeta Baltová