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According to TCM:

Our digestive system is a master component of our energetic health. It helps to avoid drawing on our health capital on a daily basis. An imbalance in what is called the Spleen/Pancreas(*) system can cause constant physical and mental fatigue. It can be accompanied by loss of appetite, abdominal bloating, loose stools, nausea and a “healthy” weight that is difficult to achieve. The Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas are important collaborators within our “central” energy production of Qi (physiological form of energy) and Blood (more material form of energy, serving to nourish all internal structures , from the tips of our toes to the top of our heads).

Of course, it is the food and beverages that we put in our mouths that constitute the daily fuel of this factory. But, as with the gasoline in our car, which comes in various qualities (unleaded, super unleaded, etc.), there is an effort to be made in terms of the quality and quantity of nutrients absorbed, in order to avoid that “our engine” does not get bogged down… “Garbage in garbage out” is the English expression, born in the early days of computing, which describes this state of affairs well: the quality of what comes in determines the quality of what comes in. is produced.

Lack of energy could therefore be the result of an inadequate diet (e.g. refined foods, highly processed foods) which can then upset our digestive system. Among the culprits: certain chocolates, several muffins and cakes, several brands of ice cream, sausages, hamburgers, etc. (https://guide-alimentaire.canada.ca/fr/recommandations-en-matiere-dalimentation-saine/limitez-consommation-aliments-hautement-transformes/ )

Many other factors can affect our energy level. For example, the emotional burden on a daily basis or even during our meal can create interference.

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(*) The Spleen/Pancreas (note the capital letters) corresponds, in Chinese medicine, to a complex system of digestion, including the anatomical reality of the pancreas and very little of the spleen but, which is in energetic relationship with various other components that can be observed in individuals on a daily basis. Thus, and it is very important to understand, a problem linked to the sphere of the Spleen/Pancreas does not directly correspond to a disorder of the pancreas, or of the spleen.

On the other hand, note that the Spleen-Pancreas in TCM is responsible for many other physiological functions which range from promoting concentration to avoiding repeated bruising!