This type of massage can treat and effectively prevent injuries, muscle tension and chronic pain. It can be done before a sport to give energy and to warm up the body. It can be applied after the activity to support the removal of metabolic waste and regeneration of damaged tissues during exercise. On the other hand, sports massage techniques are effective in treating problems related to repetitive movements or muscle imbalances.

At sporting events, this team can respond in three ways.
The preparatory massage should be an hour or less before your event since its maximum effect lasts 20 minutes. Its made on three specific locations. First, the muscle belly with deep and rapid cuts of maneuvers to increase blood flow within the muscle fibers. Second, on the tendons by rapid friction to stimulate proprioceptors and third, the muscular contractions to restore muscular flexibility in the location of the contracture. Obviously, you can not massage the whole body. The objective of this type of massage is to prepare the segment that causes you the most problems or one that is most used during the event.

The recovery massage is done in the first hour after the event and it can be a period of 20 to 30 minutes. The aim is to remove the acidity and metabolic waste created by physical effort and ensure muscle flexibility to allow the muscle tissue to regenerate and to allow the body to recover.

Massage “in-between” is between two events (ex. After a preliminary and before a final). This is the combination of the two types mentioned above. The aim is to ensure waste disposal to allow regeneration of muscle tissue while keeping the musculature and body ready to perform.

When the athlete has an injury or pain, the therapist begins with the pre-treatment techniques and muscle relaxation myofascial. These techniques are designed to reduce pain, inflammation and improve tissue flexibility. Then they continue with the maneuvers of the preparatory massage to stimulate the affected area. This type of treatment will help you finish your race with less pain.


It is important to set aside time to be able to dive back into your mental bubble before departure.
Interventions rarely exceed 20 minutes, because the objective is not to drain you of your energy, but rather to keep you on your optimum level.

Therapists practicing this technique:

Yanic Szöghy
Vanessa Paré
Marieta Tisheva
Marc Abi-Khalil

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