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Association: Mon Réseau plus

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After changing careers, I made a decision which oriented me to massage therapy with the objective of developing an expertise in orthotherapy.

Concretely, orthotherapy is a combination between massage therapy and kinesitherapy which has the privilege of using movement therapies.

This technique is advantageous for people that have muscular pains, which are often consequences of bad posture or the result of repetitive movement.

Stress which we live daily is another nonnegligible factor to consider since its has a major impact on the body’s equilibrium.

Since I have worked in a spa for a several years, I have had the opportunity to perfect my techniques in massage, whether relaxation, therapeutic or sports massage.

Running being my passion, and having completed multiple marathons, I can say that this athletic experience, complementary to my education and my years of experience, make me a professional who can properly understand a panoply of sports injuries as well as to better treat them.