Hypnosis and childbirth preparation

What is hypnosis for childbirth?

It is quite simply telling your body that “IT IS READY” for D-Day and this on all levels; both physically and mentally!

This preparation is a program in 6 meetings. After having taken the time to know the birth plan of my client, to know what her fears, fears or anxieties are… I completely personalize the follow-up! The mother-to-be takes advantage of this follow-up to relax, have all the necessary tools for D-Day and be serene during her pregnancy at the present moment, but also for the future at the idea of ​​giving birth.
The number of women who had the pleasure of telling me the difference between their 1st delivery (without hypnosis) and the 2nd, it made quite a difference:

– Faster delivery
– Easier to manage
– Much more relaxed body
– Serene during pregnancy, but also during childbirth
– Good management of contractions
– Childbirth often without epidural

So why not tell your body it's ready!?

Caroline Lebon-LeRoy

Hypnotherapist & NLP