Hypnosis and childbirth preparation

What is hypnosis for childbirth?

It is simply telling the body that ‘IT IS READY’ for the big day and this is on all levels; both physically and mentally! 

This preparation is a program in 6 meetings. After taking the time to know the birth plan of my client, to know what her fears, stress and anxieties… I completely personalize the follow-up! The future mom takes advantage of this follow-up to relax, to have all the tools necessary for the big day and to be serene during her pregnancy at the present moment, but also for the future at the idea of giving birth. 
The number of women who had the pleasure of telling me the difference between their first delivery (without hypnosis) and the second (with hypnosis), made a big difference:


– Faster delivery
– Easier to manage 
– Body more relaxed 
– Srene during pregnancy, but also at childbirth 
– Good contraction management 
– Delivery often without epidural 

So why not tell the body that they’re ready!

Caroline Lebon Le Roy

Hypnotherapist & NPL

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