Allergies and acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments can help treat and even prevent symptoms associated with allergies.


You who are reading this article probably know the typical symptoms of allergy: nasal congestion and sneezing, itchy eyes and palate, etc. The secretions that accumulate can lead to sinusitis… nothing very pleasant.

More and more people are affected by allergies, but how can we explain why some people are not?

What is a respiratory system allergy?

Some people produce antibodies too easily (exaggerated reaction of the immune system) to substances breathed in on a daily basis such as pollen or house dust, dust mite particles, animal dander, etc. Some may also develop a sensitivity to perfumes or other air pollutants.


The immune system of allergic people can be affected by hereditary factors but also by current living conditions which are often difficult (stress, exhaustion, fast food, etc.).


Acupuncture as a means of prevention and treatment of allergy

“The WHO (the World Health Organization) classifies seasonal allergies, as well as asthma and sinusitis, among the pathologies of the respiratory system that can be effectively helped by acupuncture” recalls the Association of Acupuncturists of Quebec in his article Acupuncture and Allergy. It also mentions that “according to traditional Chinese medicine, an allergic reaction is considered a maladaptation of the body to its environment…”. It is explained that acupuncture helps stimulate the immune system and regulate the body's exaggerated reaction to allergens.


Best time to prevent allergies with acupuncture

Preventive acupuncture sessions are recommended, for best results, a few weeks before the allergy season. For example, if your symptoms begin as soon as the snow melts, it would be wise to receive your treatment in February or March.

However, if you are already in the acute phase of respiratory allergy, acupuncture can help you relieve the painful symptoms.


For more information, consult the complete article from the Association of Acupuncturists of Quebec:

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By Sophie Laverdière