Athletes are well supported at Kinesis Center

We offer a variety of therapies for treating acute and/or chronic injuries.

Whatever your level of performance, interventions are the same. Injury mechanisms and problems caused by repetitive movements are the same for everyone.

Early in the season, the goal of the therapist is to help the athlete recover well after their first training and have a good flexibility to avoid injury.

Once the season is started, the athlete should consider seeking treatment on a regular basis to prevent injuries that can occur due to repetitive movements. Too often they wait to be seriously injured before thinking of coming to the Center. When this is the case, it is sometimes too late to help the athlete return to a 100% state of physical condition. This situation forces the athlete to redirect his early season goals. For an Olympic athlete, it insinuates that they might not be fully ready for testing and may risk not making the team. For the ‘weekend athlete’, who trains mostly for fun and to stay in shape, it may mean that the season of his favorite sport must come to an end.

If the athlete has waited too long and comes with any injury, the team of sports therapist at Kinesis Center is well trained to handle this type of problem. Their goal is to eliminate pain, the mechanism of injury and the protective mechanism to allow the athlete to return to his activity as quickly as possible. To ensure that the treatment is fully completed, the therapist will prescribe a set of stretching exercises to ensure there is no recurring pain.