Massage therapy for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time in life when the body changes and physical discomfort and discomfort can occur. Massage therapy is a way to relax and relieve these pains in order to have a good pregnancy.


Relax and take care of yourself

Relaxation massage has multiple beneficial effects on pregnant women, whether or not they have pregnancy discomfort. The overall relaxation provided by massage promotes sleep and recovery. The pregnant woman may also feel relief from her stress and anxiety, which helps her approach her pregnancy and childbirth with more serenity.


Reduce discomfort

Pregnancy brings changes in the posture of the pregnant woman which can lead to muscle tension and stiffness. In addition to joint relaxation caused by relaxin, a hormone secreted during pregnancy, these changes can cause or accentuate pain.

 However, it is preferable to wait the first 12 weeks before having a massage even if the first trimester presents no contraindication, the massage therapist will then be able to reduce muscular tensions and carry out mobilizations of physiotherapy aimed at relieving pain.

Likewise, as the pregnancy progresses, the baby occupies more and more space in the mother's womb, which compresses his diaphragm and hinders breathing.

The massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, which promotes the oxygenation of cells and tissues, in addition to relieving certain other pregnancy discomforts.


There are contraindications to massage depending on the state of health of the pregnant woman such as a history of miscarriage, high-risk pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, etc. It is essential in these situations to obtain the opinion of the doctor carrying out the follow-up before making an appointment in massage therapy.

The best for the future mother is to call a therapist who has completed a specialized course for the massage of pregnant women in a recognized school.

This professional knows the precautions to take. He will know how to provide the right gestures and suggest the right positions to ensure the client's comfort.


Source: RMPQ


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