Flush Massage for progressive fitness!

Flush Massage for progressive fitness!

The sunny days are finally here! It's time to get back to your favorite sports activities! Despite the closing of the gyms, nothing prevents us from practicing outside! (taking into account the current instructions on Covid19).

What is flush massage?

It is mainly intended for people who want to get back in shape and/or prepare for a competition. Whatever level of sport you have:

Little (or big!) Sunday jogger to professional league player!

Even still, for the person who has never done sports and who would like to start a physical activity.                                                                                                                                

The flush massage will help prepare the muscles for returning to sport.

It also serves to better recover after a training session.

The therapist will target the segments of the body most used by sport, depending on the type of activity. On the other hand, the whole of the limbs and the trunk within the framework of a general massage (Swedish type for example) directed towards the global neuromuscular balance. 

Flush massage is a type of massage that is fast and strong in execution. The objective is to prevent, as far as possible, sports injuries through optimal preparation of the musculoskeletal structures.

The role of the latter is to stimulate and maintain the flexibility of the different tissues, by facilitating their drainage and their organic exchanges (O2…CO2..Nutrients…). Hence the anglicism “flush” which here means to cleanse…eliminate toxins. We also educate the muscle to relax.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Kinesis Center!



Géraldine Gallard Massage therapist


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