Fascias envelope, touch, hold, compartmentalize, divide and protect the structures of the body. It coordinates traction when muscles contract.

FDM, or fascial distortion model, is a system of fascial treatment. Also called orthopathic medicine, it is a manual therapy created from osteopathy by Doctor Stephen Typaldos.


The dysfunctions that FDM treats concerning the body’s fascias.


Contortion, deformation of fascial envelopes. Typaldos describes six different types. They can appear anywhere since the fascias are ubiquitous. These anatomic changes can lead to physical lesions.


The treatment of each fascial distortion has a distinct method of correction.

FDM was presented to emergency doctors and to Americans osteopaths in 1991 by Typaldos. He had noticed that patients, except for medical diagnostics, used over and over again the same words and gestures to describe their pains. This approach is therefore based on the diagnostic of the feeling and corporal language of the patient/client.

These fascials distortions are at the origin a musculoskeletal dysfunction (sprain…) from the client which inhibits the downstream portions from receiving the flow of fluids (hormones, nutrients, minerals, oxygen). The treatment of these distortions allows a return to homeostasis for the body’s overall health.