The Centre Kinesis is fortunate to have therapists equipped specifically for sporting events. This team of therapists specializes in sports massage therapy, a feature that sets us apart from our competitors. Our therapists have several years of experience at sporting events. We are therefore able to answer questions from participants, and also provide quality treatment for all types of athletes: beginners, amateurs or professionals.

At sporting events, this team can be of aid in four ways.

The preparatory massage should be received an hour or less before your execution because its effect lasts up to 20 minutes. It is used on three different locations. First, the stomach muscle, the technique maneuvers deep and rapid cuts in order to increase blood flow within the muscle fibers. Second, the tendons, a rapid friction is used to stimulate the proprioceptors. Third, manipulating muscular contraction to restore flexibility to the area of contraction. Obviously you cannot massage the whole body. The objective of this type of massage is to prepare the segment that causes most problems or one that is most used for a particular action.

The recovery massage is done in the hours following the execution and it can last for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. The aim is to remove the acidity and metabolic waste created by physical effort while ensuring muscle flexibility to allow the muscle tissue to regenerate and the body to recover.

The « in-between » massage is between two events (e.g. after a preliminary and final). This is the combination of the two types mentioned above. The objective is to ensure disposal of waste which allows regeneration of muscle tissue while keeping the muscles and body ready to perform.

When the athlete has an injury or pain, the therapist begins with pre-treatment techniques and myofascial muscle relaxation. These techniques are designed to reduce pain, inflammation and to improve the responsiveness of the tissue. Then it continues with the maneuvers of the preparatory massage to stimulate the affected area. This type of treatment will help you finish your race with less pain.


It is important to allow time for you to dive back into your mental bubble before departure.

Interventions rarely exceed 20 minutes, because the objective is not to drain your energy, but to keep you as close to your optimum as possible.