And you… are you moving during a pandemic?

And you… are you moving during a pandemic?


It is February 2021 and the restrictions linked to COVID-19 are very present and in some cases prevent us from practicing our favorite physical activity. It is possible to experience several side effects from this inactivity, whether physically or mentally. This is when we realize how essential moving is to successfully balance all areas of our daily life.


You're probably wondering where am I coming from?

Movement, which is at the heart of your life balance, is also at the center of your osteopathy sessions. “It has to move”, “this allows this structure to be released”, “this structure cannot deform in this direction”. These phrases, which you have probably already heard from your osteopath, are always linked to movement.


In osteopathy, movement is seen as the basis for the proper functioning of the human body. This therefore means that a lack of mobility (movement) at the level of a joint, fascia, muscles or even at the level of your abdomen reduces the ability of your body to adapt to the constraints it undergoes while throughout the day.


A good example: the Champlain Bridge!

Surely you remember a time when you were stuck in traffic on the Champlain Bridge? Now imagine the bridge as an X structure of your body and the automobiles as the elements necessary for the proper functioning of this structure (blood, oxygen and nutrients). Just like automobiles, these important items cannot move adequately, if at all, when traffic is slow. The bridge is therefore inefficient and does not fulfill its function optimally. Now that the new Champlain Bridge has been built, there are more lanes available and therefore allows greater movement permission. Results: automobiles (blood, oxygen and nutrients) can flow freely and the bridge (structure) responds to its function much more optimally.


Movement is important, whether on the Champlain Bridge or in your body. Osteopathy is a global approach to looking for all these small areas where a little movement is missing so that your body can respond optimally to its multiple functions.


So tell me… Is your body moving during a pandemic?


Jean-Philippe Longval