Yanic Szoghy:
Sports Kinesitherapy, Structural Fascia Therapy, Myofascial Stretching. Owner and therapist at Centre Kinesis since 2001. Therapist for the National Swim Team.

Farah Belalia:
Osteopathy, Kinetic Swedish Massage®, Kinesitherapy, Preparation for Childbirth and Follow-ups after Childbirth, Taping

Pascale Alexandre:
Kinetic Swedish Massage®, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for Pregnant Women and Fasciatherapy

Alexander Benjamin:
Californian Massage, Kinetic Swedish Massage®, Reflexology, Structural Fascia Therapy®, Deep Tissue Massage , Massage for Pregnant Women, Craniosacral Therapy

Vanessa Paré
Kinetic Swedish Massage®, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Fasciatherapy, Lomi-Atsu, Passive Mobilisations, Massage for Pregnant Women, Visceral Therapy, Cranial Technique, Trigger Point Technique, Facial Stretch Therapy Workshop 

Patrick Georgevitch
Massage-Kinesitherapy, Fasciatherapy,Vestibular Rehabilitation , Mechanical Therapy, Postural Analysis, Myo-Fascial Stretching and Muscle Tension

Marieta Tisheva

Sports Massage, Cinetic Swedish massage, Fasciatherapy

Marc Abi-Khalil

Cinetic Swedish massage, Californian, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Kinesitherapy

Sarah Turgeon


Sylvie Lavigueur:
Sophie Laverdière: