What to expect during a treatment?

I am often asked: “How many sessions will it take to solve my problem”? Unfortunately, there is no miracle number. Every situation is different and should be treated differently. In my humble opinion, it is impossible to know how many sessions it will take for several reasons. Firstly, we all have different bodies and the speed at which our bodies “repair” themselves is different too. Of course, age is also a factor. As we age, we seem to regenerate at a slower rate. The severity of the injury is one of the main factors. The more intense and serious the injury, the longer it will take. And finally, we have to look at genetics. Why can't we all be world champions? The answer is simple, genetics. Some people have above average genetics which makes them amazing athletes and some also have higher healing power than average people. For all these reasons, it is impossible to set a time limit on the number of sessions it will take to repair an injury.

A crucial aspect of my work is that therapeutic strategies cannot be the same for everyone. It wouldn't make any sense. My working philosophy is to go treatment by treatment and evaluate the results. After the treatment, there should be a change in how you feel. It could be negative, but often positive. The pain may change areas and you should feel changes over the next few days. As long as you feel there is a change in your body, the treatment has had an effect and that is what is important. After the 1st session, there should be an improvement between 10 and 20%. After the 2nd session, it should be close to 40-50%. Once you pass the 50% mark, things start to unravel quickly and you can get back on your feet.

Here's what to look out for when following a treatment plan. First of all, anyone who tells you that you will have to come to treatment twice a week for 4 months is someone you should stay away from. No matter who you see or what type of therapy treatment you decide to use, you should feel a change in your situation. If nothing changes, that means nothing happened. I believe in the three treatment rule. After three treatments with no effect, the therapist should be honest enough to tell you that they cannot help you. They should also know what other therapy might help and be able to refer you to the right person. At the Kinesis Center, we do everything to help our customers as quickly as possible. We will not continue to treat if there is no effect and will refer you to a member of our team to ensure we get you back on your feet very quickly. We believe in complementary therapeutic therapies by working together. We have an incredible team of dedicated therapists who work together to provide you with the best care and experience here at the Kinesis Center.

Yanic Szoghy, Masso-Physiotherapist and owner of the Kinesis Center